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In 2008, I started The Great Lakes Goods as a way to make art and be my own boss - 13 years later some things have changed ...
I named it The Great Lakes Goods because the main form of production I had started with was screen printing and I had learned my printmaking skills while in college in Buffalo, NY surrounded by Lake Erie.  I started The Great Lakes Goods after moving to Chicago which is surrounded by Lake Michigan.  It made sense to me to name it TGLG because both of those places were such a formative part of me starting on this journey as a business and a business owner and I really didn't want to name it after myself, Rose Lazar (my name in case you didn't know it) because that seemed too personal and The Great Lakes Goods seemed obtuse enough to let me be able to do a multitude of things.
But 13 years into owning my business (I started the biz when I was 28 feel free to do that math) and realizing everything I've done has been personal has left me wanting to have a real connection to the name.  This is something I've been considering for a while and with all the changes everyone and everything has undergone in the last year it felt like it was time to go with my gut and change the name.  
We're still here to bring you all the vibes, I'm just wanting to make it even more clear what I'm all about!
I just want to take the time to thank you all so much for supporting The Great Lakes Goods throughout the years and know that I still hold TGLG dear to my heart and all the people I've met along the way.  I never thought 13 years later that I'd still be on this wild ride and I definitely have your support, interest and love to thank for that.  I'm just ready to embrace a new chapter as I've grown up alongside of the brand and am beyond ready to have every aspect of the business reflect that.  
if you're interested in wholesale get in touch
e - cosmicpeacestudios@gmail.com
p - 773-425-6543
feel free to reach out with any special requests, questions or to visit the studio